Monday, July 12, 2010

As tide of openings ebbs, Italian pearl stands out (source: The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Casino restaurants have supplied much of the fresh energy in years past to fuel the northern end of the Philly-centric Jersey Shore. But given the late and expensive openings in Atlantic City this season - including a pair with entr�es prices hovering in t... (source: The Philadelphia Inquirer) - Share on Twitter - Share on Facebook - RSS feeds and Widgets on
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  1. Hi, Denver Chefdude!

    If you love Italian, you'll love one of my clients. He is an old-school Italian who makes everything from scratch (pasta, sauces, desserts) at his restaurant in Ft. Wayne, IN. We have fans all over the US who make a point to dine there whenever they are in town. My favorite guest was a Sicilian who had just moved to FW (from Sicily) who complemented Chef Alex Fiato (chef and owner) for its authenticity. Also, ps, Chef Alex is so old-school, he doesn't even want a website. In fact he hates email if that tells you anything! This is a small place and I had to talk him into letting me do a Facebook for him. He started the restaurant 31 years ago. Check it out!

    The Italian Connection

    2725 Taylor St.
    Ft. Wayne, IN 46802

    Also, I'd love to be a guest writer for all things Italian. Please check the Facebook for posts, etc.!