Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WSIB - Workplace Safety - Chef

WSIB commercial. Top Chef Sous Chefs.. Please.. Be careful at work! These commercials are usually quite graphic, so beware.. if u need a laugh after this mayhem.. try this: i don't know if it worked for you or not...let me know.. some people have been having trouble gettin it to work.. might take a few times.. iif you did it and you didn't get the joke.. try again and possibly.. AGAIN.. it might take a few times.. i just finished tweaking it AGAIN so hopefully it works this time.. let me know. so.. again.. if you don't know.. try clicking anywhere on the ad at the top of this page ( www.systemsoldier.com ) for something I THOUGHT was totally hilarious (where it says google ads or whatever). It should open another page when you do it. If it doesn't do it the first time, close the window, reload it and try again. Keep doing it till you get the joke.. good luck! if it works.. you should be peeing your pants in less than 2 minutes. heh enjoy! =)
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