Monday, May 3, 2010

Beer Review: Guinness

This is a pretty good beer two thumbs up. The website is


  1. This beer review misses on a number of level.
    Not a strong beer, relatively low in alcohol.
    Not the same as the bottle. Two different beers, with different characteristics.
    Not a heavy beer though it is rather viscous. This beer is actually lighter than Budweiser.

    Just saying.

    I crafted a comment with links for you and spent a bit of time sharing some Guinness facts and links, but blogger dumped the comment,

    Please feel free to contact me at to chat beer or checkout my beer blog at
    and here is a link to how to look at a beer nuanced characteristics.

    Ryan Conklin

  2. I agree somewhat to the above comment, however... you've got to realize not everyone has the same tastes.

    Compared to a bubbly, fizzy, carbonated beer.. a nitrogen charged beer may very well seem heavy to someone who's trying it for the first time (I know I did the first time I drank it).

    Also.. a person who's only drank MGD, Coors, or Bud there whole adult life reaaaaaally hasn't challenged their taste buds yet, and Guiness can seem strong to them. Let's not forget about the visual as well.. the common perception of most is that Dark = Strong and bitter. If people slow down and really take time to taste what they're drinking, a whole new world opens up to them.

    Kudo's to anyone who for takes time out to analyze a beer and reviews it!!