Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sensitive Emo Chef

**Get NEW sensitive chef merchandise!** The more he bakes, the more he weeps. He's an EMO chef! Lyrics The more I look into this soup The more my heart it yearns for you The more I chop this Artichoke The more I wish to give up hope The more I grill this juicy steak The more I think of my mistakes The more I toast this seedless bun The more I wonder what have I done? A table spoon of sadness A dash of discontent Sprinkle on some memories That you'll never forget Two cups of anger And an ounce of regret Mix it all together It's The Sensitive Chef! The more I feed the human race The more I need your warm embrace The more I use this rolling pin The more I wish to touch your skin The more I bake this chocolate cake The more I want to kiss your face The more I grate this Cheddar cheese The more I fall on to my knees I'm a sensitive chef, I cry when I bake I'm a sensitive chef, with tears on my steak I'm a sensitive chef, with my pots and pans I'm a sensitive chef, and no-one understands. Performed by Daveyboyz Filmed and Edited by Edward Frizzelle Lyrics/music by Michael Aranda and Daveyboyz
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